About me

For me magic is when design reaches a limitless audience that is drawn into a creative universe

As a multi-disciplinary design maker with over 10 years experience. Ever evolving and continuously open-minded, I find inspiration facing new challenges and grow exponentially with each project that hits my desk.

As well as my extensive brand experience, I also launched the fashion concept Missive, a unique and infinite personalization concept.

And when I am not making magic, I like to share, confront and push my beliefs and ideas.


  • Co-founder and art director of the brand 
  • Managed graphic designers, video directors, photographers, web-developers and stylists
  • Stock management, accounting
  • Working with European and overseas suppliers
  • Expansion of our market through multi-brand international shops
  • Developed social media actions, events and presentations for international trade shows
  - Adidas Parfum
  - Aurélie Andrès
  - Camille Serra
  - Du Rhône Chocolatier
  - Home to Nature
  - Inès & Maréchal
  - John Masters Organics
  - L’Oréal Professionnel
  - Les Fées de Bengale
  - Les100ciels
  - Maison Douze
  - Solgar
  - Toasties

   Photographer assisted :
  - Nathaniel Goldberg (Hermès)
  - Tom Watson (Cerruti, Azzaro, Fashion Salade, Glamour...)
  - Marcin Tyszka (l’Officiel Russia)
  - Brice Darmon (Paul & Joe, IKKS, Laurence Doligé...)
  - Jean-François Campos (l’Express)
  - Arnault Joubin (Elle Magazine, Adidas, Avantages, Marie-Claire, Chopard and portraits of actors, musiciens...)